Looking for the Tinapa Fried Rice recipe? Tinapa Fried Rice is a delectable interpretation of ordinary singed rice! With smoked fish drops, cushioned eggs, and green onions, it’s a delightful side dish ideal for breakfast! Also, check out CHINESE CHICKEN SALAD.



In spite of the fact that I am the one in particular who eats rice in our home, I’ve taken into a propensity for cooking beyond what one individual can serenely burn through. I make twofold the parts, move half to a resealable sack or a water/air proof holder, and freeze for some time later.

This kitchen hack has been a life(tummy)saver for me, particularly on days I’m excessively languid or occupied to set up a confounded dish. With days-old white rice as the ideal material, I can undoubtedly prepare a wonderful supper with whatever pieces of protein and veggies I have close by.

The best model is this Tinapa seared rice. A cup of chopped smoked, several eggs, a modest bunch of green onions, and I had a tasty one-wok lunch to appreciate!

Accommodating tips on the most proficient method to make Tinapa singed rice:

  • Cold, days-old rice is ideal for making singed rice. Leaving the rice in the fridge for in any event a couple of hours frees of overabundance dampness and permits the grains to solidify, making them simpler to isolate and keeps the rice from transforming into mush.
  • In the case of utilizing newly cooked, spread the rice out in a far layer on a heating sheet and stick it in the ice chest for a couple of hours to dry out and totally cool.
  • A wok is ideal however you likewise utilize a wide dish with skewed sides to forestall spills.
  • Cook the eggs until just set and still marginally wet as they will keep on cooking when gotten back to the skillet with the remainder of the fixings.
  • In spite of the fact that you can utilize any sort of smoked fish, I incline toward Galunggong as it’s substantial and has fewer bones for me to filter through.

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