The Terrible end of the last hope

I am amazed that someone wastes his 22 years of continuous hard work in a single day as the rulers have done. Many torments befell this country and passed away. Every time everyone thought that the new ruler would do something new and his life would change lambingan.

Every time the people proved to be wrong. Then a new servant got up and started his gimmick and the people followed. He limed everyone, so the people followed someone else so that now you can lime us and the color is bright so that it does not come off quickly.

The Terrible end of the last hope

Qaratul Ain Mirza from Karachi has sent an old video of Khan in which he is saying that there is no need to change the NAB Ordinance but to change the Prime Minister. “If he becomes prime minister, he will make the NAB more independent and will not leave corrupt people behind,” he said.

This is the statement of Khan Sahib when he was in opposition. Today, by becoming the Prime Minister, he has shown the hand that even Yousuf Raza Gilani, Zardari, Raja Pervez Ashraf, Nawaz Sharif, and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi could not dare to do.

The PPP had tried to cut the NAB in its time, but the Nawaz League had made a fuss. Imran Khan himself was at the forefront of the protest. And at the time of the Eighteenth Amendment, more than a hundred provisions of the Constitution and the law were changed, but the NAB was not teased that there would be a strong public and media reaction.

Attempts were also made during the Nawaz Sharif era when the NAB began to lay hands on key figures in his government and the Babus. Even then the NAB chairman was threatened but the law could not be changed. Now after reading the NAB Ordinance, your hair will stand on end.

The first story was that in fact, some changes have to be made in the NAB law that Khan considers it against his status to talk to Shahbaz Sharif on the new chairman NAB. It is against their dignity for a person who is wanted by the NAB in corruption and scandals to suggest him to be the chairman of the NAB.

Therefore, the change will be only to the extent of the chairman of the NAB. Let’s assume that you want to give four more years to the current chairman because he has become a servant of great work. It is possible that he got his hands on a single minister, adviser, or donor in eight to ten scandals of the Khan government.

It is now clear that the extension of the NAB chairman’s tenure was a hoax. The real game is something else. Under the new NAB ordinance issued by President Arif Ali after cabinet approval, NAB will not be able to take any action on all decisions taken in the next Khan Sahib’s cabinet.

He will not be able to touch the important sub-committees of the cabinet, from the Economic Coordination to the Privatization Committee, the ECNEC, the NEC, and other important decisions that have billions in decisions and benefit friends.

The same concession will be available to the Chief Ministers of Punjab and other Chief Ministers including Usman Buzdar. The NAB will not be able to ask them to make whatever decisions they want. Thus, relief has been given to Usman Bazdar, who was on the NAB’s radar in the Rs 4 billion sugar scandal.

Imran Khan himself has made some decisions on important issues that could have been embraced after his departure. His path has been blocked. In the first cabinet, the name of the regular minister was written in minutes on who said what on what issue. Some ministers and the cabinet secretariat suggested that we could be trapped in this way, so it was decided that the name of a minister would not be written so that it would not be known who said what and why.

Now the Cabinet Secretariat has found a new way to record the minutes. The minutes do not have anyone’s name, it is just written that a minister said something like that. If minutes are recorded all over the world, then regular records are brought in to find out who said what and why, so that tomorrow, if his testimony is needed, it should be known.

Sixty ministers, including the prime minister, then his four chief ministers and his provincial cabinet, and then the heads of their committees have to decide on projects worth billions of rupees and everyone knows that the commission rate has reached 30 percent. If there is no fear of NAB, then what will happen?

Now look at the last cabinet meeting, a minister revealed: the delay in opening the sugar tender and not ordering sugar on time has forced the nation to buy sugar worth billions of rupees. The minister said in the cabinet that the responsibility should be fixed by making inquiries against those ministers and officials due to whose incompetence Pakistan has bought expensive sugar from the world market. Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen admitted in the cabinet meeting that billions of rupees have been lost on the issue of importing sugar.

Now, under the new NAB ordinance, no action can be taken against the Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Ministers, or officials who are themselves admitting that their wrong decisions have cost Pakistan billions of rupees. Similarly, the scandal of selling the International Services Hotel in Lahore was brought before the Cabinet, which was caught by Senator Shamim Afridi.

It turned out that the Privatization Commission and the Ministry of Aviation were working together to make everyone uncle. The hotel was being sold in Pune. It was even decided to sell at a lower price than it was fifteen years ago. The ministers complained that the privatization commission and the aviation authorities were equally complicit in the fraud, but that no action could be taken against anyone under the new ordinance.

By the way, Khan Sahib was said to be the last hope of this country and now everyone is saddened by the terrible end of this last hope. Those who used to give examples of Umar’s deeds now gamble on their own decisions.

Don’t want to be bored:

By the way, if someone had a little conscience, he would have taken a firm stand against the decision to legalize corruption in the NAB Ordinance. Not only did he refuse to extend his tenure, but he also resigned in protest two days before the expiration of his term.

There is no one like James Comey, the head of the FBI, who turned out to be loyal to the country, not the president, who told President Trump to expect honesty, not personal loyalty. He had only six years to work, but James was fired and went home. Not one of us today is like James Comey?

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