The funeral of accountability

The two main points of Imran Khan’s 22-year struggle, reforms, non-discriminatory accountability, two major promises of the PTI Manifesto, one institutional reform, the other, to set a precedent for thieves, robbers, looters, Imran Khan said for the twentieth time. I will make them independent, I will not leave the returnees.

The funeral of accountability

The funeral of accountability

When Imran Khan came to power, he said that if he came to power then eradication of corruption would be the first priority and then Imran Khan came to power, he became the Prime Minister, then when the captain united with Q League, which he used to call dacoit league, we all Keep quiet thinking that this is the political compulsion of the captain when he joined hands with the MQM which he used to call extortionist, murderer, we kept silent thinking that the captain joined hands with the MQM which minus the leader of the movement, Captain When the NAB accused were called to the assembly sessions on the production order.

When Shahbaz Sharif, who is lodged in Kot Lakhpat Jail on charges of embezzlement, was made chairman of the Public Accounts Committee when Nawaz Sharif’s name was removed from the ECL after a six-and-a-half-hour meeting and sent to London. Made ‘controversial’ people ministers when he turned a blind eye to the ‘accomplishments’ of his friends and cabinet members.

When Uterus hit Uterus, when the first NAB Amendment Ordinance was brought, when every branch was swayed, when bad governance, practical examples of bad performances were shown, when holes were drilled in the tie tank of the economy and when inflation and unemployment were poverty. Brought to the sky.

Even then we remained silent thinking that the captain himself will do something for the country with honest, clear intentions, the captain should be given time, opportunity, we trusted our captain because we knew the captain who used to say that I will bring in the corrupt in 90 days, I will put an end to corruption in 3 months, for 3 months NAB will free me from corruption.

We knew the captain who used to say that if Imran Khan becomes the Prime Minister, then first of all the accountability will be of Prime Minister Imran Khan, then of Imran Khan’s cabinet and then the accountability will go down. We knew then the captain that what he used to say was that I would come to power and strengthen the institutions so much that they would not allow corruption to happen.

I will make the institutions so autonomous, free that they will keep a check on the Prime Minister and his cabinet without fear and danger, and we would jump on it when the captain said, “I will not give NRO to anyone,” whenever frustrated. If it happens, I will not give NRO to anyone.

We would be happy to hear that again because we believed that the world would turn around but the captain would not give NRO to anyone.

But then the captain brought in the NAB Tar Memi Ordinance 2021. In his 3 years in power, the captain who said he would not give NR to anyone on Monday gave NRO to his own, NRO to the opposition, NRO to the bureaucracy, NRO to the NDA.

To the merchants, the captain whose biggest promise, slogan, the claim was accountability. The captain read the funeral of accountability by himself.

Corruption has been legalized and the captain who was supposed to strengthen the NAB, the same captain who exposed the NAB, made the NAB ‘toothless’, thus the Captain’s NAB Amendment Ordinance audit-less, performance-less created a new life for democracy, good Captain’s NAB Amendment Ordinance proved to be good news for false, number ten, hypocritical politics.

Fortunately, the Captain’s NAB Amendment Ordinance proved to be an injustice to Pakistanis. After his 22 years of political struggle, the captain saved the nation from the two royal families, called the kings, princes, princesses to the courts to account for the looting, the captain gave relief package to all through the ordinance ۔

It must be said here that the duplicity of the opposition, the hypocrisy of the opposition, should be reflected in this ordinance because it was in their Charter of Democracy to abolish the NAB, their Imam Khomeini Nawaz Sharif has said to cut the NAB. A Zardari of K has said that NAB and economy, NAB and Pakistan cannot go hand in hand.

His Shahbaz Sharif has said that the gift of NAB dictator should be abolished, his Maulana has said that NAB should be locked, his Bilawal Bhutto has said that NAB is a tyrant, NAB has black laws, his Maryam Nawaz has said that an institution like NAB Oppression on democracy, the whole opposition kept on trampling the NAB day by day, the whole opposition kept on attacking the NAB day by day, the whole opposition was tired of the powers of the NAB.

Therefore, on the NAB Amendment Ordinance, the opposition should be thankful to the captain, the captain should be congratulated, sweets should be sent to Bani Gala, the opposition should make a fuss, just like Raja Pervez Ashraf’s case thanks to the Captain’s first NAB Amendment Ordinance. Similarly, with the blessings of this NAB Amendment Ordinance, 56 companies and Ashiana Kisan will be replaced by Shahbaz Sharif, 18 opposition politicians including Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Muftah Ismail and Ahsan Iqbal will be blessed.

Captain’s NAB Amendment Ordinance will get a clean chit from 9 scandals including flour, wheat, sugar, LNG, Malam Jabba, BRT Captain’s players will also get clean chit Hopefully, after this ordinance, Asad Umar will now be able to spend development funds openly.

Shaukat Tareen will set up lines of investors in the country, bureaucracy will work 24 hours a day, businessmen are full of projects in the country. We will do it, meaning public prosperity, the beginning of the era of national development, all pray, the Supreme Court Ordinance should not be repealed, do not put cannabis in the ring.

As you go, you must say this to your beloved captain, Captain, your two big promises, reforms could not be made, the funeral of accountability was held, thank you, Captain.

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