My last meeting with the late Dr. Abdul Qadeer

My last meeting with the late Dr. Abdul Qadeer was on a plane. He was coming from Karachi to Islamabad. Luckily our seat was with him so we had a chance to talk to him for a long time. He looked weak and ill.

When I asked him the reason, he smiled and said, “Age is age anyway. All our comrades have left one by one. I don’t like to read or write. I keep listening to books, so what if I am not sick and weak? ”I asked,“ You have shown kindness not only to Pakistan but to the entire Islamic world.

“It’s a great honor. The whole country respects you. How do you feel?” He laughed. I also had to pay the price and that price feels higher now. “I looked at him in surprise. He smiled and said,” I loved traveling. When I was in Germany and the Netherlands, I traveled all over Europe.

From the smallest European villages to the largest cities, Germany’s Christmas was magnificent, especially in Berlin’s Christmas, never to be forgotten. In December, the whole of Berlin turned white, The splendor of Amsterdam’s Dam Square is also on the walls of the heart.

French culture, Spain’s openness, and the streets of Cordoba all feel like a midnight dream, Pakistan’s nuclear plant robbed me of this freedom to travel, I couldn’t leave the country after 1980, Africa and the UAE EK has a few trips but they are not worth it.

I slept in hotels and came back. It hurts to be deprived of the freedom to move around like normal people in the world. My heart wants me to go out with a bag on my shoulder but I can’t go. I am also trapped inside the country. Security I can’t go anywhere without it. If I have to go for condolence, I have to tell the Colonel. I will let him go. I laughed too.

I asked, “I am famous for you. You are very angry and you also wanted to be the President of Pakistan.” He smiled, looked at me carefully, and said, “Both of these things are true.” He said, “Mian Nawaz Sharif wanted to make me president and I also agreed. You will ask me now.

Why?” The point is, travel! I could have traveled like Indian President Abdul Kalam after I became President and it would have been a great gift for me but then it didn’t happen. He asked sharply, “What could be the reason for this?” He said seriously, “Mian Sahib is a raw ear.”

People had filled his ears and he was convinced that it was not just me. He also backed away by giving the presidency to Sartaj Aziz, Rana Bhagwan Das, and Abdul Sattar Edhi. As for the rest of the anger, it really comes to me and it comes intensely, but it is due to ‘I can’t stand the hypocrisy, the negligence and breach of promise.’ Faced with challenges, I began to put pressure on people and they began to consider me short-tempered.

Among them was General Pervez Musharraf. He worked with me for some time as a colonel. One day I listened to him. He remained silent but kept it in his heart and then took revenge on me. But what difference does it make? “I am still here today when they are killing each other. It is called the law of nature.”

I asked him, “Who showed your heart the most?” He laughed. “General Musharraf And Nawaz Sharif said, “I kept looking at him in silence.” He said, “General Pervez Musharraf made me a scapegoat and did not accept my work and my favors even for a moment.”

I should not have been treated like this. ”I asked him.“ You would have refused. Why did you take all the blame on General Musharraf? ”He said in a sad tone. Hussein had forced me to have a private ceremony with him. He came to me and put his hands on my knees and said, “Dr. Malik needs you.” Will give

It will also make the nuclear program unsafe, so you accept the blame for Pakistan and I could not deny Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain. “I asked him,” What would have happened if you had refused? ” He thought for a while and then said, “If an international inquiry had been launched against Pakistan and our nuclear plant had been declared a threat to the world, economic sanctions would have been imposed on the country, so I bowed my head.” He confessed to me on television and locked me in his house and became the culprit of the international community as well as the nation. ”

I asked Dr. Sahib, “What do you do all day?” He said, “I read newspapers, I read new books, I re-read the Masnavi of Saadi Shirazi and Maulana Rome, I watch television, I write columns and Dear friends, I write condolence messages on the demise of relatives and friends and that’s all. “I asked,” You kept your money or wasted it. “He laughed and said,” My salary was thirty thousand rupees. ” Home furniture Till my wife had brought in dowry.

He did not take a single yard of land from the government. He built a house with his entire life’s earnings. He also came to bring down the CDA under Nawaz Sharif. I called Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain. The Interior Minister said, “They came to my house in a private car and stood in front of the bulldozers. If they had not come, my only asset would have fallen that day.” I felt that Dr. Sahib is very sad. They landed and left with security vehicles.

I used to talk to my doctor on the phone sometimes. He was a man of simplicity. He always picked up the phone and talked for a long time. His voice was always energetic. The family came from Bhopal. In the last days of his life. Bhopal was often mentioned, Bhopal princesses were mentioned and educational institutions were also mentioned.

They entered Pakistan through Khokhra Par in 1952. He had a pen in his pocket and a tin box on his head. It was a total asset. Education was very difficult. He did his Masters’s in Metallurgy from the Netherlands in 1967 and his Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering from Belgium in 1972. He was interested in learning languages, Urdu, Persian as well as German, Dutch, French, and English. Physical Dynamics Research in Amsterdam. Started working in the laboratory.

The memoir was photographic, so he memorized all the nuclear secrets. He met Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 1974 and started working on a nuclear plant in Pakistan. He also used to tell Seth Abid about it. General Aslam Baig conducted an audit of Pakistan’s nuclear program during his tenure.

It was found out that only 300 300 million has been spent in ten years and that amount does not include a 100 MW power plant. “It was the cheapest nuclear plant in the world in that sense,” he said.

He was the founder of this project. If it were not for this, Pakistan would never have got a nuclear destination, so he deserved more respect. We should not have accused him of selling nuclear secrets. Then we should have washed this stain. We should not have sent him away from the world with this stain. He was our Mohsin. Mohsin like Quaid-e-Azam. Quaid-e-Azam had built the country and Dr. Abdul Qadir had saved the country. What did you do with it?

We made him a thief and sent him away from the world. He who came to the world till today has to leave. Dr. Abdul Qadir also passed away on October 10, 2021. But you see indifference. Mohsin was the President at the funeral of Pakistan. There were no leaders and no service chiefs. Do nations send their heroes away like this? Dr. Abdul Qadir‘s wet grave is asking the whole country, “Maybe someone will speak on this collective indifference, someone.”

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