How will you spend your life

I came into the training and self-help business 20 years ago and started personal training. An elder from Bhabra Bazaar was my first client. He belonged to the Sheikh community. He spent his whole life in hard work. Both were married and independent. Begum had passed away.

How will you spend your life

Yardost and Aziz were not relatives. The elder had no activity, no entertainment, and no interest in life, so he became severely depressed. He wandered the streets and bazaars all day. It was like a monkey show, the elders would stand there for two hours and the children would look for them. They were my readers. It was the only activity of their lives. When I started writing about self-help, their eldest son One day he brought them to me. He said, “They take your word for it.”

The Terrible end of the last …

You explain to them, “I kept them with me for half a day.” I listened to their whole story. He stopped in the middle, worked as a loader in the grain market, raised his siblings, traded in the vegetable market, became successful, made a living, raised his wife and children, grew up, raised his children, and got married. They settled in their homes and when their wife died, they began to feel lonely.

After hearing this whole story, I asked him two questions, one is, how much wealth do you have and the other is what was the work you wanted to do all your life but have not been able to do so yet? His first response was, “I don’t have much money. I have divided my wealth among my sons. I have built shops and houses for them.”

I now have only ten marlas of the house left and money to spend. I asked, “How much is your house worth?” He said with satisfaction, “Two months ago he was getting Rs. 100 million.” I asked in surprise, “Rs. 100 million for a house of ten marlas?” In those days, Rs. 100 million was a huge amount. In the posh sectors of Islamabad, a house of one and a half Kanal was found for Rs. 20 million. He laughed and said, “My house has come to the commercial area.”

Only my house is left so it is very expensive. I took a deep breath and then asked him to answer another question. He said shyly, “I went to Hilton Hotel in Lahore once in my youth. ‘Service and beauty are lost in my heart I want to stay in a five-star hotel for two or three days ‘This is the greatest desire of my life I laughed.

I asked him, “Is there any responsibility left in your life?” He sighed. “No, I’m done,” I asked. He said cheerfully, “One hundred percent.” I said, “Sell your house again. Divide the money into three parts. Buy a commercial building from one part and rent it out.” Give it

Put the other two in two different banks and shift yourself to a five-star hotel for life. ”He looked at me in surprise and said,“ Is it possible? ”I laughed and replied,“ So He said, “Explain your three suggestions.” I said, “I will start with the last suggestion. When you deal with a package from a five-star hotel, it will cost you ten thousand rupees.” We will deal on a daily basis. This amount becomes Rs. 300,000 per month and Rs. 36 lakh per annum.

If we multiply 3.6 million by ten, it will be Rs. 36 million and it will be 36% of the value of your house. You can stay in a five-star hotel for ten years with 36% of your wealth. The time is 66 years. You will be 76 years old after ten years. May Allah grant you long life. You should pay from another account for the next ten years and stay in a five-star hotel till the age of 86 years. If we give you more time, we will have a commercial property.

It will be worth at least Rs 100 million by that time and we will stay in a five-star hotel for another 20-30 years with this amount. ” He will give me a room in rupees. His rates will also increase. I laughed and replied, “Yes, it will increase. But I told you in the first advice that we will buy a commercial property with a part of the house money and rent it. Will give

The rent of this property will balance the hotel’s payment while in the second part I advised you to keep two parts of the money in two different banks. Your question should be why in two different banks? Because God willing, even if one of the banks defaults, we will still have half the money left. “Our lifestyle will not be disturbed,” he thought for a while and then said, “Wouldn’t this be an abuse of my children?” My house is the trust of my children. ”I laughed and replied,“ Sheikh Sahib, your children are young and independent.

They live in their own homes, they are doing their job, they don’t want your house and even if they want, they have no right to it. You raised them, educated them, employed them, and got them married. Now it is their duty to take care of themselves and their family. Secondly, today your house is worth Rs. 100 million. They will go. You will not kill their right. You will give them more than they right. Tears came to Sheikh Sahib’s eyes. He got up and hugged me.

Sheikh Sahib followed my advice, sold his house for Rs. 108 million, bought and rented a plaza worth Rs. 40 million in Saddar, saved Rs. And the other money was deposited in another bank. He had a daily deal of nine and a half thousand rupees with the hotel. This money included all the services. He shifted to the hotel and started living like a king.

Rooms and bathrooms are clean at all times, breakfast and refreshments are available, gym and swimming pool facilities are available, doctors are available 24 hours a day, and massage and steam baths and savannas are available daily for two days a week.

He also attended seminars, workshops, and conferences and met all the big and famous people of the country. He saved no players, actors, or politicians. He met everyone and took pictures. Years later, he changed his style. He shifted to a hotel in Karachi for six months, stayed in Lahore for the next six months, and then came back to Rawalpindi for six months. He used to use a car and a laundry hotel. went.

Sheikh Sahib booked him a hotel in Dubai. He traveled in first class and went to Dubai and returned after spending six months in Dubai. When I used to go to see him, he would hug me and start crying. “You are my benefactor. You made the laborer of Bhabra Bazaar king. I did not know that I am so rich and how I can live a glorious life with my money.”

If I had lived in the bazaar, I could never have met a politician, an athlete and an actor, nor would I have been able to enjoy the real pleasures of life. I would have ended up rolling in the streets. I used to get tears in my eyes too. Sheikh Sahib died in 2006 after staying in five-star hotels for six and a half years.

When his assets were estimated after his death, his commercial plaza was worth Rs 13.5 crore and he still had Rs 1.5 crore in his account. There was also a smile. I felt as if he was saying, “This is also a lifestyle. A man should live the life of a laborer and finally become a king and leave the world. No desire of man should remain unfulfilled.”

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